Saving Nature: Religion as Environmentalism, Environmentalism as Religion

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Tarjei Rønnow
Saving Nature
Religion as Environmentalism, Environmentalism as Religion, Lit Verlag, 2011

In 2009 my friend Tarjei Rønnow died suddenly of heart failure, 41 years old, leaving his two beloved sons, along with his companion, family, and a large group of friends behind. Words cannot express the sorrow I feel for this terrible loss. Among his numerous writings he left us an unfinished manuscript for his Ph.D. thesis, which I have edited so that it could become available to the public. It is my hope that his theses will inspire others in the same way it in numerous ways has inspired me.

Saving Nature approaches environmentalism as a belief system. It explores the impact of environmentalism on faith communities and vice versa, and analyses how environmental worldviews, values, attitudes and discourses affect religion. By drawing on sources in the sociology of religion and environmental sociology, the study sheds light on the religious dimensions of environmentalism. Rønnow locates the quick growth of environmentalism in the history of allegedly secular modernity, and interprets environmentalism in the context of modernity’s re-sacralization.

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