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The Closed World of Biosphere 2


The Closed World of Biosphere 2: Why an Eccentric Ecological Experiment Still Matters 25 Years Later, Edge effects, Dec. 15, 2016.

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Times Square Electronic Garden

Presenting “Times Square Electronic Garden” at the Stories of the Anthropocene Festival, October 26, 4:30pm, at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

The “Times Square Electronic Garden” project initiated a conversation about climate change, energy use and green urban spaces. Designed and fabricated by New York University students, this earth bomb featured speakers and live sensors among the plants that connected to our URL. The idea was to “re-nature” Times Square so that the public can contemplate new natures within our cities. We invited people to explore soothing living vegetative surfaces and recognize the stark contrast of their hyper-electrified surroundings. The students designed and built an open central sphere for visitors to circulate through so that they could encounter a microcosm of hanging gardens. Around the sphere we created a greenscape of serpentine living benches for rest, gathering, and contemplation. The whole project, start-to-finish, was erected and removed in a 24 hour period on May 10th, 2016. It was a place to reimagine Times Square’s consumer culture into a truly sumptuous environmental future.


Co-Principal Investigators: Mitchell Joachim, Louise Harpman, Peder Anker. Film Media: Keith Miller. NYU ITP: Namira Abdulgani, Kylin Chen, Ella Dagan, Jordan Frand, Michelle Hessel, Renata Kuba, Gal Nissim, Isabel Paez, Tigran Paravyan, Lutfiadi Rahmanto, Leslie Ruckman, Abhishek Singh, Edson Soares, Katie Temrowski, Jed Watson, Yan Zhao, Yang Zhao. NYU Gallatin: Theo Mandin-Lee, Jordan Marks, Max Mezzomo, Valerie Mu, Shel Orock, Alex Selz, Henry Wang. NYU Staff: Karim Ahmed, Jenny Kijowski, Nicholas P Likos, Lillian J Warner, Matthew Tarpley, Shandor Hassan, Shai Pelled.

Sponsored by: GDNYU, NYU Gallatin School, Times Square Alliance, NYCxDESIGN, NYU Tisch.

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There is no Planet B

A Call for Architects to Be Agents of Social Change
Peder Anker, Louise Harpman, Mitchell Joachim
Climate change effects pose drastic challenges to the architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design communities. The immediate response has been a turn toward a host of energy-saving technologies or behavior modifications. What has rarely been addressed, however, is the problem of scale. How can the designer ensure that global solutions do not come at the expense of local traditions, cultures, and environments? By placing human coherent, emotional, technological, and social needs at the center of our environmental concerns, we propose a new Global Design initiative.
Read the blog here:
Part 1 @EnviroSociety
Part 2 @EnviroSociety

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Behind the Green Door: A Critical Look at Sustainable Architecture

green door“Comments” in Behind the Green Door: A Critical Look at Sustainable Architecture through 600 Objects by Rotor, (Oslo: Oslo Architecture Triennale, 2014), 27, 169, 178, 203, 210, 214.

Behind the Green Door: A Critical Look at Sustainable Architecture through 600 Objects portrays the prevailing green wave in architecture and the many controversies that surround it. The book is enriched with comments from over 100 international experts.

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从包豪斯到生态建筑 From Bauhaus to Ecohouse

Bauhas Ch


佩德 安克尔

From Bauhaus to Ecohouse: A History of Ecological Design

Chinese edition of my book

佩德 安克尔所著的《从包豪斯到生态建筑》以哈佛大学设计学院绿色现代课程内容为基础,聚焦于生态学思想与设计的融合,从英国复兴包豪斯的历史开始,至美 国人致力于维护生态世界的愿望止,总结了从20世纪30年代到80年代冷战结束为止生态设计的复杂历史。著名设计师拉斯洛·莫霍伊—纳吉,生物学家、生态 学家朱利安·赫胥黎,包豪斯学校创始人沃尔特·格罗皮乌斯,穹顶建筑师巴克敏斯特·富勒等人与生态建筑的关系都在本书中加以讨论。《从包豪斯到生态建筑》 并不仅为设计史学家和建筑史学家所撰写,同样是科学史和环境史学家的重要读物。

If you can’t read Chinese, click here

Get the Chinese edition here

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Norwegian media

Here is a list of some of my publications and interviews in the Norwegian media.

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Saving Nature: Religion as Environmentalism, Environmentalism as Religion

Tarjei Rønnow
Saving Nature
Religion as Environmentalism, Environmentalism as Religion, Lit Verlag, 2011

In 2009 my friend Tarjei Rønnow died suddenly of heart failure, 41 years old, leaving his two beloved sons, along with his companion, family, and a large group of friends behind. Words cannot express the sorrow I feel for this terrible loss. Among his numerous writings he left us an unfinished manuscript for his Ph.D. thesis, which I have edited so that it could become available to the public. It is my hope that his theses will inspire others in the same way it in numerous ways has inspired me.

Saving Nature approaches environmentalism as a belief system. It explores the impact of environmentalism on faith communities and vice versa, and analyses how environmental worldviews, values, attitudes and discourses affect religion. By drawing on sources in the sociology of religion and environmental sociology, the study sheds light on the religious dimensions of environmentalism. Rønnow locates the quick growth of environmentalism in the history of allegedly secular modernity, and interprets environmentalism in the context of modernity’s re-sacralization.

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