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Perhaps the architecture profession needs a new name? How about replacing “architecture” with “archiagape”? This is the lecture I gave at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in May 2021. Published as “Archiagape” in Ambiguous Territory: Architecture, Landscape and the Postnatural, Chris Perry ( (eds.), (Barcelona: Actar, 2022), 298-302. [PDF]

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Gas and Bees: An Evident Proclamation

Cover_-Design-with-Life-web“Gas and Bees: An Evident Proclamation” by Anna Bokov with Nina Edwards Anker, Peder Anker, Mitch Joachim, in Mitchell Joachim and Maria Aiolova, Design with Life:  Biotech Architecture and Resilient Cities, (Barcelona: Actar, 2019), 36-38.

Get the book here.

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