My review of The Silwood Circle

silwoodHannay Gay, The Silwood Circle: A History of Ecology and the Making of Scientific Careers in Late Twentieth-Century Britain (London: Imperial College Press, 2013).

Annals of Science, 71, Oct. 3. 2014.

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Seeing the Display: Environmentalism’s Ideological Habitat

“Thoreau’ s Walden” at Seeing the Display: Environmentalism’s Ideological Habitat, The Natural History Museum at the Queens Museum, Sept 28.

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My review of Shaping Ecology: The Life of Arthur Tansley

ayresPeter G. Ayres, Shaping Ecology: The Life of Arthur Tansley (Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012).

Isis, 105:2 (June 2014), 446-447.

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Behind the Green Door: A Critical Look at Sustainable Architecture

green door“Comments” in Behind the Green Door: A Critical Look at Sustainable Architecture through 600 Objects by Rotor, (Oslo: Oslo Architecture Triennale, 2014), 27, 169, 178, 203, 210, 214.

Behind the Green Door: A Critical Look at Sustainable Architecture through 600 Objects portrays the prevailing green wave in architecture and the many controversies that surround it. The book is enriched with comments from over 100 international experts.

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Cities and Citizenship: Notes from the Conference

photo(1)Carly Krakow, Peder Anker, Louise Harpman, Mitchell Jocahim, “Cities and Citizenship: Notes from the Conference,” Weltstadt Zeitung, no. 5, April 30, 2014, p. 3.

Link to the conference here.

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Quoted in Washington Square News

New York City Council to vote on disposable grocery bag 10-cent fee” by Carly Krakow, posted April 4, 2014.

NYU to take proactive approach to emission reduction,” by Su Sie Park, posted April 25, 2013.

GLOBAL Design NYU presents environmental architecture,” by Tatiana Baez, posted September 24, 2012.


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My review of The Gaia Hypothesis

GaiaMichael Ruse, The Gaia Hypothesis: Science on a Pagan Planet (Chicago: Chicago University Press 2013).

Centaurus, April 2014.

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